Mon-Sat: 10am -9pm
Sun: 12-6pm

Welcome to The Summit. Let’s meet.

For handheld directory maps, special store savings and general visitor information about The Summit, please contact or visit: The Summit Guest Services Office.

Guest Services Office

Guest Services is located across from The Cheesecake Factory parking area. The office is in the breezeway between the stores Aveda and Francesca's.


Security is on-duty 24 hours. Contact security at (205) 281-1889 for general safety needs or an escort to your car.

Property Hours

Mon-Sat: 10am -9pm

Sun: 12-6pm

Guest Services Office Hours

Monday–Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm

Saturday + Sunday: Closed

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Public Relations and Advertising

Press inquiries and media permission (required) for on-site interviews and photography may be directed to:

The Summit Marketing 205-967-0111

Charitable Giving

The Summit accepts only completed request applications for charitable donations.

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Complimentary WI-FI, Pet Friendly, Fire Pit, Outdoor Dining, Seating Areads, Fountains, Guest Services, ATMS, 24/7 Security.










Gift Cards.

As of June 30, 2019, center-wide gift cards are no longer available for purchase at The Summit. While The Summit has offered this service in the past, we also recognize customer habits and preferences have evolved. Based on customer response and the convenience and abundance of retailer and restaurant gift cards, we encourage you to purchase a fee-free option directly from one of our many retailers and restaurants.

Please find answers below to Frequently Asked Questions most commonly associated with The Summit's gift card program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Summit gift card still available to purchase?

No, as of June 30, 2019, center-wide gift cards are no longer available for purchase at The Summit. We encourage guests to purchase a fee-free option from one of our many retailers and restaurants.

Is my previously purchased gift card from The Summit still valid?

Yes, absolutely. The funds are still active on all gift cards and are still accepted at participating retailers or restaurants at The Summit. On the back of your gift card, a date is listed after "Card Plastic Valid Thru." Funds to not expire after this date; however, after this date, you'll need to contact gift card customer service at 1.800.985.4316 for a free replacement card.

How do I check my gift card balance?

Visit or call 1.800.755.0085.

My card was lost or stolen. Can you assist?

Please contact Store Financial gift card customer service immediately at 1.800.985.4316. You will need to provide the gift card number and other identification information. If records show there are still available funds remaining on the Gift Card, Store Financial will cancel the original gift card and provide a replacement gift card with a dollar value equal to the available funds on your original gift card at the time you notified them that it was lost or stolen. Store Financial charges a $5 fee to replace lost, stolen or damaged gift cards. Please note: refunds will not be issued for any amount that is debited from your lost, stolen or improperly used gift card prior to the time you notify them. Store Financial does reserve the right to decline the issuance of a replacement card if sufficient information is not provided at the time of the call or based on additional criteria.

Where is my previously purchased gift card from The Summit accepted?

The Summit gift card can be used at any participating retailer or restaurant at The Summit. (Stores/Restaurants open at The Summit before 6.30.19)

The Summit Code of Conduct.

The Summit is private property and reserves the right to remove any individual(s), at any time, and for any period of time, if the individual(s) are deemed in The Summit’s sole opinion, as undesirable, hazardous to the safety of others or themselves, or for violating any of the contained in the pdf below.

- - PARKING - -
Overnight parking is strictly prohibited. For over-sized vehicles that take up more than (1) parking space, please contact The Summit Security at (205) 281-1889 upon arrival for direction on where to park and unload passengers (this includes RV's, limousines, trailers, buses, etc.).

- - - - CANINE CODE OF CONDUCT - - - -
All dogs must be leashed or contained inside a carrier at all times. Leashes must be no longer than six feet, including retractable leashes.
Dogs must be under the direct control of their owners at all times.
No soliciting for the sale of any canines or pets.
Owners must be 18 years of age or older and by law, are responsible for the behavior of their dogs.
At no time is an owner permitted to leave his or her dog(s) unattended.
Owner is limited to a maximum of three dogs while on property.
Dogs are not permitted to enter any restaurants or food-related stores, unless they are service-oriented dogs.
Dogs are not permitted in any water-displays, fountains or lake.
Dog owners are required to pick up and properly dispose of the feces of their dogs.
Dogs are not permitted to urinate on buildings or hardscapes.
Dogs must be legally licensed in the jurisdictional area that they reside, have a current vaccination for rabies and wear visible dog license and tags.
Dog owners are required to comply with the laws, rules and regulations of the state of Alabama and local codes relating to dogs.
If at any time, management of The Summit determines that the behavior of a dog is causing disturbance to others or the dog is acting aggressively, the owner will be asked to remove his or her dog from the premises.
Owners are responsible for any injuries or damage caused by the dog(s) under their control. Neither The Summit nor Bayer Properties, L.L.C. (“Bayer”) shall be liable for any injury or damage caused by any dog on property. To the maximum extent permitted by law, all dog owners hereby agree to indemnify, save harmless and release The Summit and Bayer from and against any and all liabilities in connection with loss of life, bodily injury, personal injury, theft and/or property damage arising out of their dogs being on property.

code of conduct (pdf)